Kahakapao Trail, Makawao

Kahakapao Trail, Makawao

Here on Maui, Kahakapo in Makawao State forest is a nice Mountain Biking area, Your non-biking friends could hike while you are riding. Directions from Makawao are as follows:

From Polliis restaurant  going towards Haiku, Make the first  right hand turn onto Piiholo Road (will pass by St Joseph’s Church/School and Cemetary on right and then will see Piiholo Road). 
– Go up Piiholo Road (about 1.5 miles) until you pass the old pineapple fields and you will see East Maui WaterShed/MISC on the Rt hand side of Piiholo Road, Just opposite this, you will see another road that cuts off of Piiholo Road from the left.  This is Waiahiwi Road (May also see sign stating Piiholo Ranch).  Make this left and it will take you down a gulch and back out, and through another gulch. (along the way you will pass Ehu road on right and a big steel building on right–continue straight ahead, do not turn on Ehu).  You will then see a sign for Kahakapao Road on the Right.  Take this Right.  (if you continued straight on Waiahiwi you would end up at Piiholo Ranch on Private Road–so make the right before onto Kahakapao before this road). 
-Follow Kahakapao until you cannot go any further, this will be gate to Makawao Forest Reserve. To get to Gravel Parking lot, you need to enter the Forest Reserve and Proceed to the Gravel Parking Lot on right hand side. If you go too far, you will be at the clearing for the water treatment plant.

Kahakapao Trail, Makawao

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