Posted by: samandias | November 12, 2015

Hansen road opening – Over 150 riders, walkers, runners and public officials participated…..

What a great ride! — Hansen road opening over 150 riders, walkers, runners and public officials participated.

Councilmember Don Couch, Don S. Guzman, Michael Victorino, Managing director Keith Regan, Mayor Arakawa, Public Works Directors Rowena Dagdag-Andaya, David Goode and other county officials participated.

For more photos check link below-


11045300_1042810679108627_9086546925861585355_n[1] 11223642_1042810819108613_8494052658268869531_n[1] 12189084_1042810305775331_7629569854322597791_n[1] 12189547_1042810405775321_2515211778367204720_n[1] 12190884_1042810909108604_3836145498183930805_n[1] 12190888_1042810315775330_3374023914910876813_n[1]  12195826_1042810099108685_716770399587254529_n[1] 12208494_1042810375775324_4491908275571819631_n[1] 12208583_1042809952442033_4723729873125175230_n[1] 12208605_1042810109108684_5687473082971604262_n[1]


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