Posted by: samandias | August 1, 2015

A Once in a Lifetime Bike Ride: Experience fresh pavement untouched by car wheels!

A Once in a Lifetime Bike Ride:  Experience fresh pavement untouched by car wheels!

Just one of the reasons to join Maui Bicycling League on our free public bike ride on the new Airport Access Road on Tuesday, August 4 – Ride with the elected officials just prior to the road’s official opening to cars!

You are invited to a free, once-in-a-lifetime unique cycling opportunity — to ride the new Maui Airport Access Road Phase 1, just prior to the road’s official public opening to cars. This opportunity has been given to us by the Hawaii Department of Transportation, and the Maui County Department Public Works.News3_westmaui with mayor

The ride will take place on Tuesday, August 4, from 8 am to 9 am, beginning and ending at the new intersection of the Airport Access Road and Dairy Road, near Home Depot and Walmart. Bring kids, friends, neighbors and family – and bikes if you have them. Don’t forget your helmets – they are required. And kids under 16 must be accompanied by a parent.  Park at Walmart, and walk your bike along the sidewalk over to the new Airport Access Road. Why are we doing this? First, it’s fun and unique – ride this new roadway…without cars!

Second, there is a serious need for a safe bike route to link the North Shore Greenway and the Mokulele Bike Path.   By connecting these two protected Shared Use paths via a new Shared Use path set alongside the new Airport Access Road we can create a single contiguous path stretching almost 14 miles!  Taking riders safely from Kihei to Kahului, and then on to Paia – all along a protected route away from cars – this new pathway would be the longest bike path in the State of Hawaii.

News_btp-3481Dairy Road isn’t a good option for traveling between the North Shore Greenway and Mokulele Bike Path  — on average it is almost 15 times more dangerous for a cyclist to ride down Dairy Road than any other mile of roadway in Central Maui. And Hookele Street was built without a bike shoulder.  This highlights the urgent need to add this short connector link – establishing a safe route for all users to move via bike between Maui Communities.

While we are glad that there is a shoulder on the new Airport Access Road, the next step would be to establish a free-standing shared-use path built into the Airport Access Road’s wide easement where bicycles, walkers and runners could safely travel. We would like to see that path added to the Central Maui Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, and Bike Plan Hawaii, so that this essential link can become a reality for the Maui Community.


Please join us for this special ride, learn about our vision and to meet other bicyclists on Maui!

Maui Bicycling League

808-633-8553 ext 100



  1. Upon completion of the Kahului Airport Access Road Phase 2, especially with the new consolidated rental car facility adjacent to it, it is quite possible that traffic volumes along Dairy Road will drop through the floor. If this happens, it might be possible to get the County to install bicycle safety improvements and provide a more direct route to the North Shore Greenway. The high vehicle speeds along KAAR and the need to utilize Hana Highway if using Hookele make those corridors less desirable in the long-term. Would be very interested in attending a meeting with the County to discuss these possibilities.

    • Thank you for your comment on MBL blog.
      Will you be joining the ride? I encourage you to join the ride. We will have public officials attending tomorrow’s event. Danny Borne has been leading the efforts and very passionate about connectivity and safety. Great opportunity to network and discuss your points with other MBL members and supporters.
      Look forward to meeting you!
      p.s. if you miss joining the ride I encourage you to reach out to Danny Borne. His email and also pls. join our next MBL meeting. We meet every 3rd Wed of the month at
      Pacific Whale Foundation Training room 300 Maalaea Rd (next to Maui Dive Shop) , Wailuku, HI 96793. Pls. let me know if you plan on attending Aug meeting.

      Saman Dias
      Chair Maui Bicycling League
      808-633-8553 ext 100

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