Posted by: samandias | March 19, 2015

Mayors’ Challenge for Safer People and Safer Streets

MBL requests Mayor to please consider the positive outcomes of participating in the USDOT’s Mayors’ Challenge. Maui has an opportunity to be recognized for its commitment to creating safe roadways for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.


March 18, 2015

Honorable Mayor Arakawa:

The United States Department of Transportation has initiated a Mayors’ Challenge for Safer People and Safer Streets. The Challenge is designed to promote locales that are moving forward in embracing and implementing measures that improve roadway safety for ALL—pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists—users.

Considering the Maui County Council’s recent, unanimous vote for the implementation of the Central Maui Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and the high number of pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities on our island in the past year, the Maui Bicycling League would like to urge your participation in this national challenge. We see this as an opportunity to promote the commitment our Council has made to make our island’s streets complete, and your commitment to the safety of all Maui residents.

The Challenge begins with the Mayor’s Summit for Safer People and Safer Streets in March and continues through 2015 with the following activities to improve pedestrian and bicycle transportation safety in each participating community:

Take a Complete Streets approach;

  • Identify and address barriers to make streets safe and convenient for all road users;
  • Gather and track walking and biking data;
  • Use designs that are appropriate to the context of the street and its users;
  • Capture opportunities to build on-road bike networks during routine resurfacing;
  • Improve walking and biking safety laws and regulations; and
  • Educated and enforce proper road use behavior by all.

In consideration of budget and project scope, the MBL suggests focusing attention on Liloa Street in Kihei for the Mayors’ Challenge. There is currently a multi-use pathway along Liloa Street; however, it abruptly ends at Lipoa Street. There is a one-block stretch of roadway with no sidewalk or bike lanes before Liloa Street ends at the Kihei Regional Park. There is also Lokelani Intermediate School, located on the mauka’s east side of the street. Users of the Liloa Street pathway, as well as students, must walk/ride on the roadway in order to access the park and school. This is dangerous because many cars are parked along this roadway. Continuing the Liloa Street Pathway and linking it to the park and school would create a Complete Street.

The MBL would like to work in concert with your office to accomplish the activities outlined for the Mayors’ Challenge (bulleted list above). Our organization is committed to bicycle safety and education, and we have the volunteer resources to gather and track the walking and biking data for that area.

Please consider all of the positive outcomes of participating in the USDOT’s Mayors’ Challenge. Maui has an opportunity to be recognized for its commitment to creating safe roadways for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.


Saman Dias Chair

Cecilia Potts Co-Chair

Maui Bicycling League



  1. Another marvelous step forward, Saman, but you should be aware that there is already funding & some design work happening now for what you are asking, continue the Kihei greenway, along makai side of Liloa, onto the park enterance. This single block continuation however, will be on the mauka side of Liloa (in front of the school,) and ending at the park .entrance .. KCA has proposed to Couch, DPW (David) & Parks & Rec, that they extend a simple paved path along the dirt road all the way across the park to Welakahao – before the new gym begins construction in the park. This should change nothing about your overall concept on the Mayor’s Challenge, but wanted you to be aware that you may want to look at something additional to request, since this one is in the bag already. Aloha, Mike

  2. How do we contact the League directly as there seems to be no contact information anywhere on the website?

    Thanks for your reply, Andrew

    • Aloha Andrew-
      We’re making a lot of changes on the website. Right now you can email Saman Dias at or me, Ceal Potts at I apologize for the the delay in response. I hope to hear from you soon.

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