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Encourages Cyclists to Show Solidarity By Attending Pretrial Court Hearing on Thursday, March 19

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March, 18th 2015

Maui Bicycling League

Encourages Cyclists to Show Solidarity

For Bicyclist Killed in South Kihei

By Attending Pretrial Court Hearing on Thursday, March 19

KIHEI, HI —  To show solidarity and support for the family of Karl Hagan, a 61 year old cyclist who was hit from behind by a pickup truck on the Piilani Highway in 2014, the non-profit Maui Bicycling League is urging bicyclists and other pedestrians to attend a pretrial court hearing on Thursday morning.

The pretrial hearing is the first step in seeking justice against Michael Cattaneo, the 29-year-old driver of the pickup truck. He is charged with two counts of homicide, (including one count of homicide under Hawaii’s “Vulnerable User” law) and with operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs and driving without vehicle insurance.

The pretrial hearing will take place at the Maui County. Courtroom #4, at 2145 Main Street, Wailuku. The day’s proceedings will start at 8 am. The pretrial hearing is expected to start within two hours of that time.

“We feel it is important for the judge to realize that there is a community of cyclists on Maui who are watching this case carefully,” says Saman Dias, Executive Director of Maui Bicycling League, a nonprofit group organized to make Maui a safer place for bicyclists and pedestrians.  “Drivers have a legal responsibility to operate their vehicles safely around cyclists.”

Drivers are required to give cyclists a minimum of 3 feet of space when passing. Vehicles are not permitted to operate in designated bicycle lanes.

“Please remember that cyclists are extremely vulnerable as you operate your vehicle around them,” says Dias. “Texting, driving under the influence and distracted driving are extremely dangerous, especially when bicyclists are present.”

To learn more about Maui Bicycling League, please follow the organization on Facebook or visit




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