Posted by: samandias | February 8, 2015

Complete Streets bill

Complete Streets bill – Sign the Petition before Feb 8th 2015 2:45pm

The Maui Bicycling League requests adoption of SB1044 requiring the State to report annually to the legislature on specified information regarding implementation of and compliance with complete streets policy.


Sign the Petition before Feb 8th 2015 2:45pm

Complete Streets Legislation – Fulfilling the Vision

Support SB1044 & HB1358

In 2009, the Complete Streets bill (SB718) was signed into law with the intent of changing the way roads are built and maintained in the state. The law was intended to ensure that our roads are safe for everyone – pedestrians, bicyclists, disabled, transit users, and motorists. However, 6 years later this vision has yet to be fulfilled. 

The 2009 Complete Street law created a Task Force assigned with producing recommendations on the implementation of the Complete Streets law.  The Task Force’s final report Complete Streets Legislative Report (November 2010) recommends:

  • Development and use of a Complete Streets checklist
  • Development and use of performance measures
  • Requiring high-level decisions to grant Complete Streets exceptionsIt is time to implement the recommendations of the Task Force, require routine reporting, and provide needed training. The bill (click here for SB1044 and here for HB1358) would require HDOT to:
  • Hawaii Department of Transportation has yet to fulfill the Complete Streets Task Force recommendations. The proof of Hawaii Department of Transportation inadequate implementation of Complete Streets is readily visible on our roads, where project after project has failed to adequately address bicycle and pedestrian improvements (see more below).
  • Report annually on Complete Streets implementation
  • Develop and use a Complete Streets checklist
  • Develop and use performance measures
  • Require director or designee approval for Complete Streets exceptions
  • Train staff on Complete Streets.

It’s time to fulfill the vision of Complete Streets. Your help is needed to make this happen. 

Complete Streets bill –

The intent of SB1044 is to provide HDOT direction on the implementation process. The measures it includes are based on the recommendations from the Complete Streets Task Force.


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