Posted by: cealpotts | December 28, 2014

More bike lanes! HBL Maui takes off training wheels

There’s now an organized contingent of bicyclists and pedestrians dedicated to creating a bicycle and walking friendly Maui! The Maui Bicycling League, a chapter of the Hawaii Bicycling League, wants your help in getting more dedicated bike lanes opened on Maui. (Take a look at what the HBL has done with the King Street Cycle Track in Honolulu – we can do it here, too!)

Before we caught up in the organizational nuts-and-bolts of the newly formed chapter, it’s important to understand why all this should matter to anyone who walks or rides a bicycle on our island:  Bicyclists and pedestrians now have a stronger, organized voice on Maui!

Thanks to the years of advocacy work by Walter Enomoto and the members of the Maui Bicycle Alliance, even before the Maui Bicycling League took its training wheels off this past week, it rallied support from 165 signatures on a petition and public testimony urging our county council members to implement the Central Maui Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The county council passed it with unanimous support.

When asked what it would take to move the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan from papers on a shelf to painted lines on the pavement, one Maui public works official had a simple answer: Numbers.

Numbers as in support. As in the power of a strong membership base. The long and short of it is the Maui Bicycling League is a membership organization. Getting the lines painted on roadways for dedicated bike lanes or more paths like the one linking Kahului and Kihei all comes from community support. Together we can make our voice heard. Become a member today! Make sure to select Maui in the county menu tab!

Maui Bicycling League Steering Committee

The Steering Committee for the Maui Bicycling League was elected at the Dec. 19, 2014 meeting.

Our group’s next hurdle will be getting our county officials to find the money to create the bike lanes and walkways that Maui so desperately needs. The newly-elected members of the Maui Bicycling League’s steering committee are dedicated to making this happen. Each steering committee member brings experience from the public and private sectors and, most importantly, an interest in cycling and walking within our community. The steering committee members are:

  • Aaron “Moose” Reichert
  • Anne Rillero
  • Cecilia Potts
  • Daniel Rezac
  • David Kingdon
  • Frank De Rego
  • Kawika Plummer
  • Lee Chamberlain
  • Ray Glauser
  • Sandra McGuinness
  • Saman Dias

The Maui Bicycling League will meet each month. To learn more and to join visit

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