Posted by: mauibicyclingleague | May 5, 2014

State Hwy & County Road Capital Improvement Meetings, May 12-15

This is a chance to become informed and try to make your voices heard concerning bicycling improvements. Four informational meetings will be held on Maui, May 12,13 14 and 15.

For more information: STIP Meetings Notice

From Walter Enemoto :

This is the first round of public comments for the next 2015-2018  STIP Funding Period and it is critical to identify and prioritize bike projects in this process.

 The best chance for projects to happen are those already identified in the last Bike Plan Hawaii that have not been implemented yet.

 Among those should be the following:

Northshore Greenway Phase 4

Kihei Greenway North and South phases

Pali to Puamana Parkway/Greenway

Waipuilani Bikepath

 Please KILL the Baldwin Ave Bikepath plan that is still showing up on the County of Maui Long range CIP Public Work plans (and would take a large chunk of Fed $$’s away from many more worthwhile projects).

Email me back with any questions or comments.





  1. Aloha Walter,

    Thank you for sharing the information about the STIP meetings. I attended the Kihei meeting last night and spoke up for the 3 bicycle pathway programs included in the proposal. Have a great day!

    David Scibor


  2. Hi Walter, My main interest is in the rumble strips appearing all over. Do you have the names of the contact guys at the meeting? I went to the one at king k but didn’t get his name. The main guy was pretty lame and didn’t seem to be hearing the comments. There were a couple other guys taking notes and a local guy who seemed to be familiar with rumble strips. I would like to contact them and share some ideas to make the strips safer for bikers. Thanks, Jerry Durkan

  3. The Kihei greenway/bike path is now inhabited by derelicts. One drunk likes to set up camp under a bench across from Safeway. Unfortunately, elementary school children from Kihei elementary walk by there every day.

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