Posted by: mauibicyclingleague | October 4, 2012

County of Maui Bicycle Projects

What can the County of Maui do to help the average bicycle rider?

How about build a bicycle path system.  The planned 7 mile path from Kahului to Paia is still not finished after 21 years! If we want a system around the island , now is the time to start planning if it ever has a chance of happening in the next 100 years.

As of Dec 13, 2012 the Maui County’s  short term bicycle agenda is:

1.   Looking at options (including a path along the highway and a route along the ocean) for completing the remaining portion of the bikeway between Sprecklesville and Paia.  Once the study is completed, we can move forward with construction plans.

2.   Currently working on the following projects:  1)Kihei Bikeway, continue south of Lipoa toward the South Maui park  2)North Shore Greenway (Environmental Assessment) 3)Miscellaneous short term recommendations from Bike Plan Hawaii

for more information about the North Shore Greenway check out Maui NPAC (Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalition)

For a video on the history of the North Shore Greenway watch:


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