Mobot Water Bottle

By | March 11, 2022

Mobot Water Bottle. The foam roller water bottle, built to last, will quench your thirst and recover your body together. Take a swig from the mobot to hydrate, and then take a spin on it to knead out your knots and fatigue.

This water bottle is also a foam roller... and a grenade
This water bottle is also a foam roller… and a grenade from

11 oz / 312 g. It's a foam roller and a water bottle, and it's helped ease tension in my back from sitting at my desk job all day. The lid also has a straw for easier sipping during a workout.

Being The Originator, We Developed The Mobot To Help You Feel Good And Do Good.

The mobot firecracker reusable water bottle doubles as a foam roller, which makes it the perfect hybrid item for active travelers with little suitcase space. Ad huge selection of health & wellness products. Each mobot is unique and handcrafted to insulate and massage.

Today I'm Doing A Review On The Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle Big Bertha.

Free shipping and returns on mobot water bottles & tumblers at Mobot foam roller water bottles are now available in uk & ireland. The original foam roller water bottle.

Everybody Has Tension, Stress, And Anxiety Manifesting Into Knots In Their Muscles Which Needs To Be Released In Order To Increase Blood Flow, Circulation, And Mobility While Decreasing Stress, Soreness, And.

We create impactful and sustainable products for a better tomorrow, today. Roller helps to reduce inflammation and muscle tension while improving circulation and aiding recovery. Drink up & roll out.

Lightweight And Attractive In Color.

Engineered for athletes, mobot, the original foam roller water bottle was developed in 2013 and is patent protected. You can roll on it empty or filled with ice water, but either way, it’s pretty sturdy. The lightweight design of this silicone folding sports bottle saves you up to 50% space.

It's A Foam Roller And A Water Bottle, And It's Helped Ease Tension In My Back From Sitting At My Desk Job All Day.

The science behind hydration and foam rolling shows these are two. Shop the original foam roller water bottle. 28 cm x 7.5 cm / 11 x 3.

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